• Image of dd/mm/yyyy - Black Square

Who would’ve thought that these guys were from Canada? Not me. I mean they have this updated Les Savy Fav thing going. All in a fresh L.A. style. Or Baltimore. Maybe Brooklyn. But Toronto? No offense, I like a lot of bands from Toronto and Canada, but none of them sounds like this.

DD//MM//YYYY go on like a pop infused An Albatross with an old school Mae-Shi mentality, and suddenly they decide they’re not only loving complex rhythms, they go all out dance party! Sometimes in the same song. They might even touch down on some post-punk spot here and there too. Might sound like a lot to take in but hey, jam-packing your songs and album full of good stuff is not always a bad thing. Hell, I must say I like it.

Covering a lot of musical territories might not be a big selling point in this day and age, but for fans of above mentioned bands and other loveable dudes like Xbxrx and/or Parts and Labor this will be nothing but welcome to your home!